Progress is not achievable without the full support of parents, guardians, and the community. Here at Adora Bright, we encourage everyone to play a part in the growth of our clients. Our clients are offered a wide range of experiences both in and outside of the school to support their individualized goals. In order to offer this high quality service, we rely on partnerships created within our community. Through community partnerships, students not only obtain opportunities to apply and enhance their knowledge and skills acquired throughout their time in centre but also gain a better understanding of community roles and responsibilities. The staff and I look forward to working with you to help our clients achieve their goals.

Alborz School International Academy Student Logo

Alborz Educational Centre

Alborz Educational Centre is proud to be part of the history of private schools in Toronto which have significantly contributed to educational possibilities within the community for over 20 years. Our school is proud to announce that we are opening ABA based classes to support children with a multitude of exceptionalities. Our program is in partnership with Adora Bright Learning Centre, we offer a unique learning experience to fit the specific needs of each individual. Alborz aims to have specific classroom expectations to ensure direction, motivation, and consistency throughout each day. Our distinct classroom objectives cater to both individualized study, and group-oriented education with a personalized learning plan.

Alborz Educational Centre’s special education program takes pride in providing a structure of multifaceted support within classrooms that ensure each student with a transformative foundation for educational and academic experiences. Through our partnership with Adora Bright Learning Centre, skilled team of professionals provide individualized intervention, individual assessment, programming, and support children require to flourish. We offer ABA strategies, behavioural therapy, behavioural management, behavioural analysis, social skills deficits, school readiness skills, and 1:1 therapies under the supervision of a certified ABA director within our enriched academic program.

Agora Prep Academy Logo

Agora Prep Academy

Agora Prep Academy in Aurora is established to transform student’s curiosities to discovery. To guide students in exploring their intuitions and innate genius to create, collaborate and innovate. Our vision is to encourage a complete generation of open-minded, investigative, inventive, and capable learners that will eventually go on to fulfilling their maximum potential and life’s purpose. We inspire future leaders to attain and retain knowledge through leveraging their interests.

Agora Prep does not believe in report cards, grades, or prescribed one-size-fits-all schedules. We are a revolutionary environment filled with wonder and love to inspire our future generation of 21st century leaders. We are excited to partner with Adora Bright and provide a healthy, safe and incredible alternative to students with all abilities and superpowers (that’s we call exceptionalities). We are a school for superheroes and those are the same clients of Adora Bright. You are invited to join our community and family.

Community, Larchwood Nature Occupational Therapy Logo

Larchwood Nature Occupational Therapy (OT)

Larchwood Nature OT provides nature-based occupational therapy to neurodiverse children of all ages. We have taken the traditional clinic outdoors, in this emerging framework, and doubly benefit from (1) simply being outdoors in nature and (2) offering unique therapy in this unstructured environment. We tackle many domains including motor, emotional, social well being, cognitive and sensory development. We also look for opportunities to promote resilience, environmental awareness, compassion and mindfulness. Our programs are currently offered in the GTA and in Markdale, ON. In collaboration with Adora Bright Learning Centre we strive to create positive learning experiences for our children.

Wecare Childcare Logo, Community


WeCare Childcare is a licensed childcare center providing services for children 2 months to 6 years of age. At WeCare childcare a variety of fun, hands-on and interactive activities are utilized to stimulate children’s cognitive, emotional, social and physical development. The center follows the framework directed by the Ministry of Education “How Does Learning Happen?”. WeCare Childcare is an inclusive environment where each child is provided with the opportunity to learn and grow alongside their peers. In collaboration with Adora Bright Learning Centre, Wecare Childcare makes it possible for children with different exceptionalities to access additional support and Applied behaviour analysis (ABA) services within their classrooms.

Funtastic Forest Logo, Community

FUNtastic Forest

FUNtastic Forest is a fun and safe facility, with lots of open space for running around and active play for unlimited time. FUNtastic Forest is an inclusive environment welcoming all children with lots of opportunities for gross motor and fine motor movements as well as sensory activities.